Team Work

work done by a Team, esp D And D

Telic; Creative Network


Team Is The Focus

see Project Aristotle

Management Team

Robert Paterson thinks this is weak sauce: we need Mates. You will see a line above Team that separates what I now see as the best of the machine world from the first step of the Natural World - or Trusted Space - where humans really become alive. The term that Tim, Toke and Chris were using here is "Mates". (SmallTribe)

The Discipline of Virtual Teams by Jon R Katzenbach and Douglas K Smith

  • A compelling and commonly held performance challenge is what creates teams, not the desire to be a team. (BHAG?)
  • If your small group can achieve its performance goals through the sum of individual assignments and achievements, then you should not use a team approach. Traditional hierarchy and a single-leader discipline is a more efficient way to meet your goals. But if your group's performance objective requires people to deliver work and results jointly, with multiple leadership inputs, then you are well advised to use the team discipline.
  • Our latest book, The Discipline Of Teams (ISBN:9781422179758), argues that virtual Work Groups (Working Groups) that seek team performance must master two different disciplines: "single leader" and "team."
  • They also said, in "The Discipline of Teams" (article, not book),
    • To understand how teams deliver extra performance, we must distinguish between teams and other forms of Working Group-s. That distinction turns on performance results. A working group's performance is a function of what its members do as individuals. A team's performance includes both individual results and what we call "collective work-products." A collective work-product is what two or more members must work on together, such as interviews, surveys, or experiments. Whatever it is, a collective work-product reflects the joint, real contribution of team members.
    • Many groups that run things can be more effective as Working Groups than as teams. The key judgment is whether the sum of individual bests will suffice for the performance challenge at hand or whether the group must deliver substantial incremental performance requiring real, joint work-products. Although the team option promises greater performance, it also brings more risk, and managers must be brutally honest in assessing the trade-offs.

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