Tinderbox is an app (http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/) from East Gate. Used to be called Ceres.

Tinderbox is a personal content management assistant for making, analyzing and sharing notes. (Personal Knowledge Management)

Tinderbox is a wonderful tool for making Web logs and news sites. It's superb for collecting and understanding complex information. Tinderbox is not StorySpace. It's not intended for narrative. Tinderbox will work smoothly with Storyspace, and many people will use Tinderbox and Storyspace together.

book http://eastgate.com/Tinderbox/TinderboxWay.html

old note: Looks very cool. If I were still on a Mac I'd fight to get a beta. It even uses XML for its contents, so in theory you have an escape hatch if the product tanks or sucks later. (Subject to standard XML disclaimer.)

  • 2007 thoughts: it smells a little too "document" focused, rather than providing a window into a truly infinite Node Web.

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