Track Back

Technique started with MovableType for Blog Thread/Two Way Links notification.

Free server to manually enter ping to send

Python implementations

In TypePad and MovableType blogs the Track Back URL to ping is within the RDF Description: 'trackback:ping="(url)"'


see also PingBack

kinda like BackLinks, but not limited to Wiki

I think trackback's would be a great alternative to Sister Sites. See < Back> --AdamShand

  • what's cool about Sister Sites is that it doesn't require any work. Once you define the sites to check, and you view a page for which there's a page with the same Wiki Name on a sister site, a link appears automatically.

    • Totally agree, the automation is useful. However Track Back's for user managed interlinking is really useful. Especially for linking content to blogs or commercial services (eg. if Amazon does indeed allow reviews to be linked in via Track Back's etc). --Adam.

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