Trade Deficit

loss of Balance Of Trade/Trade Balance - when a country (or City Region?) imports more than it exports

The U.S. has held a trade deficit starting late in the 1960s. It was this very deficit that forced the United States in 1971 off the Gold Standard. Its trade deficit has been increasing at a large rate since 1997. - see 1980-2009 graph:


  • if it weren't for oil imports, the Trade Deficit would have been improving Jan'2007-Jan'2009 (and had been flat since Jan'2004)
  • previous cyclical negative-peak was 1985-89. After improving, it hit that same level in 2000 and has been getting worse ever since.

US imports:

  • 1955-1980:
  • 1950-2022:


  • Balance an issue really only since 2005.

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