Tweet Storm

aka Twitter Storm - swarm of Twitter posts

3 common varities

Newest: batch of tweets from 1 user around a single train of thought

Associated with Marc Andreessen behavior starting in 2014 (?).

These often run to roughly a dozen tweets, and are often numbered sequentially.

For awhile someone was aggregating each batch into a blog post.

Which raises the question: why not just do a Blog Post?

same/related? Twitter Thread

Generally involves multiple people.

Flash Mob of related posts triggered by Real World event

Some people only count those sharing a single specific Hash Tag (and those cases tend to show up as "official" "TrendingTopics"), others include all tweets about that same event, regardless of explicit tagging. cf Spectator Sports

Some of what used to be Live Blogging behavior (conference sessions, news conferences) has converted to Live Tweeting.

Some real-time-but-virtual Group Discussion "meetings" happen via Hash Tag. I've noticed this most with Edu Chat.

Coordinated Hacktivism

Where groups of people spread the idea of bringing attention to an issue or position (Viral) by having everyone do lots of tweeting around a Hash Tag, typically an explicit-position Hash Tag (#saveNetNeutrality vs #NetNeutrality).

Sept'2014: Toying with idea of Tweet Storm-ing the body of a page on this WikiLog

Another variety of TwitterBot.

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