Python Web Framework by Aaron Swartz


supports WSGI

Oct'2007: Ryan Tracey notes: There are many Python based web frameworks out there waiting to be discovered, tested, set aside, and even used for something useful. Some argue that there are too many and that what Python needs is a Rails-style killer app. One app to rule them all… Like that’s ever going to happen... Today web.py incorporates a lot more goodness and instead of having one doting parent it has a number of dedicated programmers committed to its development. It now uses by default a custom designed templating language (Templator) yet retains support for Cheetah and promises support for many other templating schemes.

Used to re-write ReddIt (from Lisp - see also Aaron's comments against Django).

My experience: Webpy For Simplest Thing.

Hosting/deployment (Hosted Server)

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