Weblog For Collaboration Ware

I'm trying to better understand using WebLog tech for getting work done within an Intranet. I'd love a better sense of how UserLand actually uses it themselves...

before Instant Outlining (I/O)

  • used weblog for progress, status, milestones?

  • any structure to entries (categories, controlled keyword list)?

  • Any other tech?

  • used Radio Userland (vs Frontier/Manila)?

    • how run multi logs per person(internal vs public)?
  • streamed to Frontier?

  • significant use of search?

  • interaction: mostly email? Or disussions?

Since I/O

  • blog progress in IO?

  • move to weblog? When?

  • how discuss among 3+ people? Email?

There's been a little public writing about Cisco using an internal Blogger server. (I think the BlogRoots book chapter on business weblogging includes an interview about that.)

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