Wiki Page As Mind Map


Flow of activities:

  • start from existing Wiki Page
  • follow page-create link next to unlinked WikiWord, which returns standard Text Area for entry; type anything and Submit/Save.
  • in FreeMind select File/Open Url menu, copy/paste URI of new Wiki Page
    • alt1: nope: FreeMind gets raw SmartAscii from WikiEngine
      • how does it know the URI for that function?
        • perhaps: first time at a space it reads the rendered page, figures which formButton/link leads to Edit, saves that as a config setting?
      • converts the SmartAscii to its internal data format
        • oh crap now how do we handle all the non-standardized SmartAscii formats?
          • could grab the rendered HTML, but eventually it needs to submit a changed page in SmartAscii
    • alt2: WikiEngine lets a page be stored in FreeMind format, has separate rendering function to provide Folding Wiki Page
      • is this format simple enough to do some pure-Text Area Wiki Editing work?
        • ugh, it's much uglier than I remember - maybe that changed in the latest update?
    <node CREATED="1137606885558" ID="Freemind_Link_1086797696" MODIFIED="1137606893136" TEXT="pay $10k for analysis/proposal/plan">
  • alt3: WikiEngine renders SmartAscii to FreeMind XML format.
    • looking at example above, what would happen if some of that Meta Data per node were dumped? Would FreeMind still accept the data? And what if the 'ID' were very different, like say to use Purple Numbers?
      • note that the 'ID' get used for hierarchy-breaking
    <node CREATED="1137612576907" ID="Freemind_Link_1894233881" MODIFIED="1137612612804" TEXT="HIPAA">
<arrowlink DESTINATION="Freemind_Link_548862207" ENDARROW="Default" ENDINCLINATION="587;0;" ID="Freemind_Arrow_Link_1567871693" STARTARROW="None" STARTINCLINATION="587;0;"/>

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