Wine Business

I guess that could include growing grapes, making wine, selling wine...

Wine Advocate's Robert Parker give a rating system I trust

Is Wine BullShit?

    • The best wine tasters in the world, formally speaking, are Master Sommeliers. There are less than 200 in the world, and to gain their title they must identify 6 wines in a blind taste test by grape variety, region of origin, and vintage.
    • But what these studies really tell us is that our idea of taste as a constant, even if appreciated in subjectively different ways, is a fiction... Since a $5 wine can so easily be mistaken for a $50 wine, we encourage you to unabashedly reach for wine on the bottom shelf. We've applied this principle, often a bit self-righteously. But it should also give you pause about everything you eat and drink. If you boycott expensive wine, should you also avoid sushi and seafood restaurants because you know that cheap fish can be just as enjoyable?
    • In 2008, a survey comprising more than 6,000 blind tastings found a positive correlation between price and enjoyment – for individuals with wine training. In other words: if you're a wine expert, there's a chance you'll enjoy expensive wines more than cheaper ones. HOWEVER, it bears emphatic mentioning that whether this suggests more expensive wines are objectively better (which it doesn't) is irrelevant, because among amateur wine drinkers (which, let's face it, you are), the survey found the opposite, i.e. a negative correlation between price and happiness, “suggesting that individuals on average enjoy more expensive wines slightly less.” This lead the researchers to conclude that "both the prices of wines and wine recommendations by experts may be poor guides for non-expert wine consumers."

Hmm how to track wine notes/reviews?

  • TheWife would like pictures - why? You need to know the name anyway.
  • want descriptive notes, not just good/bad
  • candidates
    • Twitter - can't organize, can't edit
    • GoogleDocs can paste in photo (more precisely, Insert from Photos) - yep made a table
    • GoogleSheet - could sort on date, rating, etc.; but can't really paste in photo
    • here: no photos, she can't edit

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