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Course by Tiago Forte and David Perell on Writing As Online Networking. https://www.writeofpassage.school/

Mar25'2019 David Perell musings:

Writing is the new resume. Whether you’re building a business, leading a project, or applying for a new job, writing is how you get attention.

I’m thrilled to announce my new online course, Write of Passage. The goal of the course is simple: I’ll give you the tools to accelerate your career by writing online.

Some background: My goal for 2019 is to help 1,000 people start writing. Writing online is the single best decision I’ve made in the last decade, and it’s led to every significant moment in my career. Jobs, clients, grants, speaking engagements, podcast appearances. You name it.

Mar28 Tiago Forte details:

I’m very proud to announce Write of Passage, a new online course on how to accelerate your career by writing online. It is my fifth course and the first one co-created with a partner, David Perell.

we realized that we had both noticed something: the people who truly got the full benefit of BASB were not the ones who spent the most time on it, or who worked the hardest, or who reviewed the course again and again. It was those who moved on from “organizing” as quickly as possible and actually used their notes to create content.

We decided to create a new course as a sequel to BASB, building on digital note-taking with a new curriculum teaching people what to do with the knowledge they had gathered: how to create an online platform for sharing their ideas, consistently cultivate and publish new pieces of content, distribute them to build a powerful network, and use this network to meet anyone and attract unbelievable professional opportunities

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to:

The ability to write something down and distribute it instantly around the world, in a way that compels people to take action, is simply the most incredible superpower ever available to humans

We built Write of Passage from the ground up to destroy four pervasive myths we’ve noticed about writing online.

The first myth is that creating content is just a means to having an “online business.”

The second myth is that writing online is only for digital nomads or content marketers.

The third myth is that “blogging is dead.”

The fourth myth is perhaps the oldest – that only a “writer” can publish their work.

our networks of friends, collaborators, followers, mentors, role models, clients, customers, and thought partners aren’t just a list of email addresses for us. They are an extended system for thinking and learning far beyond what we could manage on our own

We realized that our professional networks are actually a “third brain.”

I constantly get requests for a “group knowledge management” system of some kind. I think people tend to imagine a new advanced software program with a clever design that will allow them to network their ideas and share their thinking. But such a system exists today – it’s the entire Internet.

It requires producing work that is inherently interesting and engaging, so people want to see it and test it and give you their feedback


Write of Passage Course Curriculum

Module 1: The Age of Leverage

Module 2: Make Your Serendipity Vehicle that brings a wealth of opportunities into your life

I’ll share my 7 Principles of Content Creation

What should you write about? Finding a niche, narrow, and expanding topic

Module 3: Create Your Online Home

  • Building a website that establishes credibility and authority in your industry, without taking too much time
  • Attract loyal readers with easy-to-implement strategies in design, messaging, and calls-to-action
  • Set up your website with pre-made templates and easy-to-follow walkthroughs
  • Owning your name and brand in search engines and social media*

Module 4: Set Up Your Distribution System: you’ll set up an email newsletter, a direct communication channel to your audience

effective email newsletters

Module 5: Learn to Write Clearly and Persuasively: you’ll work with your coursemates to develop a writing style that is both unique to you, and that also follows best practices

You’ll put these new skills to use immediately, by writing 5 articles on your blog, sending a “personal update” to colleagues and friends, and writing an in-depth “long-form” article to demonstrate your expertise.

7 Rules for Modern Writing: actionable techniques to deliver an effective message that inspires people to take action

Module 6: Connect with Anyone

How treating your followers like peers, friends, and collaborators can improve your work

You’ll put these assets to use. To reach out and connect with interesting people who you wouldn't meet otherwise. Instead of asking to “pick your brain” or “grabbing coffee or a drink” with no particular purpose in mind, you’ll be able to send out your writing ahead of you to prove your credibility and provide context to your conversation. This powerful new take on networking will revolutionize your ability to connect with the people who can make the biggest impact on your career.

Module 7: Build Your Personal Monopoly: the unique intersection of your knowledge and skills that no one else can compete with

Why you should focus your attention on specific and growing markets and industries

adopt a results-focused approach to writing

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