aka Experiential Teaching On Line

founded by Roger Schank in May'2012

  • initially focused on Masters Degree programs that lead to Making A Living
  • Socratic Arts designs and builds the on line courses which are financed by outside investors. The university partner offers and runs these programs. XTOL is currently focusing on computer science and business degree programs, but will soon move into other areas as well. The University of Texas, The University of Maryland University College, and the Open University of La Salle are in the process of launching the short courses we have created. Other universities are signing up. Five experiential masters degree programs have been built and will soon be launched.


Sept'2014: certificate programs offered through UniversityOfTexas. In this realistic work context, faculty members mentor the students, rather than lecture, and evaluate them based on the work they produce. Students work primarily online, often in teams, using collaborative technology. The program will also include periodic on-campus “face-to-face” sessions to encourage interaction between faculty and students.

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