(2004-05-28) Copenhagen Consensus Live

I just realized the Copenhagen Consensus meeting is taking place this week.

Update: there were 30 proposals, of which only 17 were ranked (for a variety of reasons). The rankings (best-to-worst ROI) are:

  1. Control of HIV/AIDS - About 28 million cases could be prevented by 2010. The cost would be $27 billion, with benefits almost forty times as high.

  2. Malnutrition: Providing micro (e.g. iron) nutrients (HealthCare)

  3. Subsidies and Trade: Trade liberalisation (Free Trade)

  4. Diseases: Control of Malaria (DDT)

  5. Malnutrition: Development of new agricultural technologies (Agriculture)

  6. Sanitation & Water: Small-scale Clean Water technology for livelihoods

  7. Sanitation & Water: Community-managed water supply and sanitation

  8. Sanitation & Water: Research on water productivity in food production

  9. Government: Lowering the cost of starting a new business (SmallCo)

  10. Migration: Lowering barriers to migration for skilled workers (Immigration)

  11. Malnutrition: Improving infant and child nutrition

  12. Malnutrition: Reducing the prevalence of low birth weight

  13. Diseases: Scaled-up basic health services

  14. Migration: Guest worker programmes for the unskilled

  15. Climate: Optimal Carbon Tax

  16. Climate: The Kyoto Protocol (Global Warming)

  17. Climate: Value-at-risk Carbon Tax

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