(2007-03-20) Maximus America Prosper

Fabius Maximus on how the USA can succeed/prosper in the future. American Culture appears destined to sweep across the globe... We should not expect the members, let alone the elites, of other societies to like the challenges we inadvertently force upon them... Our goal should be to make this the best possible America, safe and secure. Success at this will come as we build momentum through imagination, initiative, and effective execution... Athens held a winning position similar to ours, and threw it away in an imprudent war... American might be structurally unable to successfully implement large and complex strategies, as discussed in this author's "The Myth of Grand Strategy." ([recommendations](z2006-01-31-FabiusMythGrand Strategy]]) Perhaps this is a problem inherent to a Democracy. Athens also had difficulty with long, complex plans... From this perspective flows a few simple http://fabiusmaximus.com/2008/06/14/solution/), as a substitute for a [[Grand Strategy: Do not increase the cohesion of our enemies. Try not to make new enemies; Don't gamble, adopt slow but sure tactics; Survive until we win. (This is 4th/last in his Grand Strategy series.)

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