Grand Strategy

FourGW term? Foreign Policy? wider? or is it really a generic phrase?

A Meta Level above "strategy"? Shared Vision? The Infinite Game?

the Moral basis for your strategy? Needed for

Edward Luttwak: the dimension of inter-state conflict where all that is military happens within the much broader context of domestic politics, international diplomacy, economic activity, and all else that strengthens and weakens

Chuck Spinney: John Boyd evolved five criteria for synthesizing and evaluating a nation's grand strategy. Boyd's brilliant theories of conflict are contained in his collections of briefings entitled a Discourse On Winning And Losing.

  • Chet Richards on Boyd's thinking: to produce positive benefits on morale and public/world opinion. Such a grand strategy would also shape our alliance structure and form a key element in isolating adversaries from physical, mental, and moral support.

Bucky Fuller's:

Fabius Maximus on what the USA should learn:

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