(2007-12-11) Key Base Ssh

I need to get key-based SSH access set up for a server. Is the work I did playing with Email Encryption going to help? Nope, I couldn't find any key file anywhere on my machine. That could even have been on my old Sony Lap Top.

This page is overly confusing.

This gives the simplest possible explanation of running ssh-keygen, then passing the Public Key to someone.

Unfortunately it's not working. Getting 'Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic).'

Appending '-vvv' to the end of the SSH command gives you verbose feedback.

Update: the problem was the permissions on the authorized_keys file on the server. Now working fine.

  • you copy the key file to '/(user_home)/.ssh/authorized_keys' file, and it owned by the user

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