Email Encryption

want to be able to read/send encrypted EMail with Mozilla (for Windows). Gads the docs out there seem written backwards. It's very possible that there's something wrong below.

Install GPG (Gnu-PGP)

Install Enig Mail

  • Enig Mail becomes a menu in the email window

If someone's going to send you an encrypted message, not just signed, then you need a key pair.

  • go to Enig Mail menu, pick "Generate key"

    • you can have a separate key for each email account you work with.

    • pick a passphrase, hit "Generate key" button

Sharing your Public Key:

  • To send someone your public key (so they can decrypt messages that you encrypt for them), create a new email message. That window will have an Enig Mail menu which will include "Include public key" item which will dump the key into the body of the email.

  • to share with the rest of the world:

    • copy that public key and stick it into a public web page (in your WikiLog?), nah, instead...

    • save to a text file of its own on a public website

    • upload to a public keyserver - I went to and submitted it, but it didn't have any place to enter identifying info (like my name)

Using the same Private Key on multiple computers - see cheat sheet:

  • gpg --export-secret-key -a "User Name" > private.key

  • gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import private.key

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