(2011-08-12) Tagged Bookmarking And Linkblogging Google Reader

I do most of my online reading-discovery through RSS. Currently through Google Reader. With lots being read on my Archos70 Tablet, with GReader synching to Google Reader.

I'm finding I don't like to add to my WikiLog on the tablet, between the typing experience, copy/paste across 2 full-screen windows, etc. So I tend to just hit the Share button in Google Reader/GReader. Sometimes when back at my Lap Top I go back through my Shared items and turn some into WikiLog content.

I'm tempted to try and just embrace Google Reader more as a Social Bookmarking/LinkBlog replacement. What would it take to make me more comfortable with this?

  • assign tags for WikiWord As Tag
    • yes, can assign tags
  • have RSS feed and web-view of my overall Shared items
  • have RSS feed (and web view) of my Shared items for a single Tag
    • a web view - argh other users can't seem to view this!
    • don't see a feed
  • ability to search my Shared archives within a Tag
  • ability to export Shared items (don't even want body of each item, if I can have Meta Data including date-shared and tags).

Sept16: considering If This Then That (IfTTT) as way to publish from Google Reader to Del.icio.us.

Dec20'2012: changed that Google Reader-starred recipe to instead post to Twitter, consistent with my thinking around Integrating Linkblogging Bookmarking Microblogging Into Wikilog (since I haven't been ever adding tags to my DeliciOus entries made this way).

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