Integrating Linkblogging Bookmarking Microblogging Into Wikilog

Integrating LinkBlog, BookMark, MicroBlogging Into WikiLog...


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Context/goals: easily capture, refine, and selectively publicize-via-stream curated and original content.


  • Social Bookmarking anchors everything to the original-page URL and Title.
  • Some LinkBlog-s include only a Title and link. Sometimes the Title is copied from the original source, other times it's re-written by the linkblogger.
  • Some LinkBlog-s also include an excerpt, which might be tweaked. (I usually do this to create WikiWord-s.)
  • Some Social Bookmarking (e.g. lets you include an excerpt with your entry.
  • Some Social Bookmarking (e.g. let you associate tags with a URL. Hash Tag-s serve a similar function in stream systems.
  • Hitting the Like Button is similar to a Re Tweet which is similar to a BookMark
    • a Re Tweet that's a Quote Tweet is also similar but might be a little different since you have the chance to tweak the "quote", much I like tweak excerpts.
  • People often tweet/stream/share their own full-WebLog entries, because so many people are using streams as their input rather than RssAggregator-s.
  • Social Networking systems/streams often have Fat Client app-s. These are especially crucial on Mobile devices.
  • Sometimes you want 141 characters. 2009-08-25-KaneMesoblogging
  • The issue I have with all these social/gesture systems is that they are tied to a single entity/URL, whereas I often like to bring together multiple items which could span over the course of days. Sometimes I start with a single item and then add more over time, in other cases I have multiple pages sitting in my many open tabs, then bring them together at once (then often add even more later).


  • go ahead and embrace a single primary stream-service whose Fat Client you'll use. Use it for MicroBlogging. Using it for Sharing BookMark-worthy pages.
  • scrape that stream service via API, post each item to WikiLog (PESOS)
    • 2010-07-23-ArchivingMyTweets
    • for title/URL: combine date-stamp prefix with Smashed Together Words of tweet
    • include link to Tweet? Might make sense to extent that there's interaction in the network, but (a) what if that tweet is also going to Google Plus and FaceBook, do you include 3 links?; (b) those Social Networking sites may not be great archival resources (esp Twitter), so will that history be available?
    • can you scrape Re Tweet-s?
      • Need to credit author; may need dictionary mapping Twitter handles to Wiki Name-s.
    • what about when your tweet is a Reply to someone else's? Is that scrapable to bring into the same WikiLog page?
    • you may manually edit in the same way you do excerpts.
  • when you combine original notes into a new combined note, leave behind a link to the new note (PermaLink)
  • have a simple ShareThis button to post a WikiLog page to that stream service
    • TweetThis
    • You might do this more than once for a given page, but you don't want to auto-do it on every Save.
    • have to make sure those tweets don't get scraped and re-posted back into WikiLog!

I'm unlikely to do this anytime soon because already have file-number-limit issues at Blue Host.... options? (Nov20'2013)

  • upgrade Blue Host account to something that will drop the file restrictions (currently paying $9/mo)
  • move current system/data to another Hosted Server provider - hmm there are some hosts that specifically write about MoinMoin so this is more worthy of investigation than I originally thought
  • pick/build a new WikiEngine, migrate everything, etc. - I suspect this is inevitable, but not looking forward to it...
  • take archived tweets, scrape WikiWord-s to add to WikiGraph, tweak Visible Backlinks code to merge Twitter hits with regular Backlinks and list them all together, the Twitter links going to the actual page. are old tweets still accessible, even if not searchable?
    • alternative: render the tweets to static pages somewhere I control, link to those....

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