(2014-02-15) If I Ran Barnes And Noble

What would I do If I Ran Barnes And Noble, esp in terms of EBook handling?

Push dropping DRM on EBook-s.

Stop making hardware. Well, maybe the EInk version if it's selling well. Maybe OEM partner...

Focus on making the software nicer (or maybe buy ReadMill?), and make an API for other reader apps to adopt for purchasing.

Turn Nook area of store into Genius Bar to install Nook software and create account on any (compatible) device the customer brings in. Give a $10 EBook credit, 1st-year-free in Loyalty Program, or something, as a reward.

Put an Espresso or equiv Print On Demand machine in every store.

(Man, they shoulda bought Good Reads. Anyone else left? Library Thing?)

Michael Kozlowski has similar thoughts.

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