(2020-03-08) Taylor A Process Model Ontology

Dorian Taylor: A Process Model Ontology: language and exchange format for software applications designed to facilitate project management. This vocabulary extends the IBIS vocabulary in the natural fashion that once we have framed an issue and decided to solve it, we must then specify a method, nominate a person responsible, and allocate time and material resources to carry out the solution. (to-do-list)

Created July 22, 2009; Updated.....March 8, 2020

this vocabulary separates the concept of an abstract goal from the task of achieving it. It likewise separates these two concepts from the stipulation of a budget and/‚Äčor deadline. Finally, it separates a concrete task from the abstract method by which it is completed

This process model vocabulary connects and extends the following vocabularies:
The IBIS (bis) Vocabulary
The Event Ontology
Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS)

The central concepts, pm:Goal and pm:Task, extend the ibis:Issue and ibis:Position types, so that goals, tasks and targets can be mixed into, as well as graduated from, generic collaborative argumentation and decision-making sessions. Likewise, the pm:Action class extends ev:Event so that actions and tasks can be mixed in with generic events on a timeline.

A State can be understood as a snapshot of a system at a given time,

A Goal extends a State by way of being explicitly desired by an Agent.

Tasks, which are Actions, must achieve at least one Goal

a Goal, like its superclass, State, is either true or false. This entails that a Goal is not expressed in terms of quantitative results or deadlines. That is the job of a Target.

A Target connects an abstract Goal to a specific Task, budget and deadline.

The logical separation of a Target from a Goal makes it possible to speak of a Goal in abstract terms, and generate several equivalent candidate Tasks, each with one or more candidate Methods, which may achieve it.

A Task specializes an Action in that it has one or more Goals, and connects a Method of execution with a responsible Person who will carry it out.

Currently, the only individuals defined by this vocabulary are those common, reusable States which can be used as values for pm:status

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