(2023-08-10) Kohalyk Lofi Software And Inverting Our Relationship To The Cloud

Chad Kohalyk: LoFi software and inverting our relationship to The Cloud. The CTO of my company appeared in a recent Wired article about Local-First Software. Gotta say, it is pretty exciting to be in the pages of Wired. “LoFi” is something Fission is trying to enable with the protocols and SDK we have been working on

Cory Doctorow picked up the Wired article as part of his latest on “enshittification” called Cloudburst.

Another fellow-traveller, Bernhard Seefeld, has a draft up considering three key relationships we need to invert for the future of computing, especially as AI becomes more widespread.

Bernhard’s three relationships to invert are:
Services comes to the data (instead of data going to services)
Guardrails on data use are attached to data (instead of each service individually permissioned)
Trust originates at the edges (instead of services deciding which clients they trust)

the thinking of many people in the LoFi movement. It is not that we are “anti-cloud” but “anti-hypercloud”, meaning domination by the concentrated power of monopolistic cloud companies.

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