Add Your Readings And Ideas To Your Private Wiki Notebook

For Hack Your Life With A Private Wiki Notebook Getting Things Done And Other Systems.

Anything you read that "makes you go 'hmm'" is worth remembering and connecting to other things. (For most things I read/think about, I do this in my public WikiLog, but other things I prefer to keep private, so I keep them in my Private Wiki.)

  • Spin a date-stamped page off your Journal page, including the main title words in the page-name.

  • Copy/paste (or type) a bit of excerpt into the page of key bits.

  • Write your own notes about why this matters to you.

  • Link Phrases, Make Pages when you can!

Likewise, do the same thing for some random Idea that just pops into your head and seems worth remembering. (You can start by just sticking that in your Weekly Log page if you want, but giving it its own page makes it that much more findable/refinable/hackable.)

  • James Altucher tries to make a set of related ideas every day. Sticking that whole list in its own page would make lots of sense. I do this once in a while, and have an "IdeaList" WikiWord just for cross-referencing those pages.
  • Esp when you're getting started, you probably won't be ready to cross-reference idea-oriented pages. Giving each a Category can make it easier to find related pages later.
    • My Private Wiki includes such category pages as Category Self Improvement, Category Day Job, Category Startup.
    • By referencing a Category WikiWord in each new page as you create it, you can later go to that category page and click on its title-header to search for all the pages that refer to it.
    • But I don't use those anymore - many of my Phrase-pages have more links to them than my Category pages ever did.

Another framing of this is to Tell Your Life Story Through Various Filters.

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