Agile Software Development

A general manifesto (Agile Manifesto) for "just-enough-process" Software Development methods.

Contra: We think the shit on the left, is really just the con in the middle, and that we really need to just do the thing on the right...Programming, Motherfucker.

Good comparison of details of 4 agile methodologies. A Tour of Agile Software Development from Scrum to DSDM via XP and Crystal Orange.

Methodologies include:

See Jim Highsmith's Agile Software Development Ecosystems book which reviews the various Agile methodologies in depth, along with interviews with the appropriate gurus.

(Phrase is also title of a book by Alistair Cockburn - WikiWikiWeb:TheBookAgileSoftwareDevelopment - which is mainly about his own ideas on Software Development As A Cooperative Game, plus Crystal Clear and other Crystal methodologies.)

It's easier to follow agile practices with a Dynamic Language (Agile Programming Language).

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