Crystal Clear

an Agile Software Development methodology

WikiWikiWeb:CrystaClearMethodology by Alistair Cockburn

from the book draft - One particular triplet showed up repeatedly: colocation of the team, frequent delivery, and access to an expert user. The differences in results between projects that did and didn't do these far exceeded any other short list of practices. This book builds from that triplet.

The difference between Crystal Clear and Extreme Programming is that XP is much more disciplined, Crystal Clear is much more tolerant, even sloppy-looking. I would say XP is more productive, Crystal Clear more likely to get followed.

Got its own book published in 2004. ISBN:0201699478

Part of a Crystal family of methodologies, based on number of team members (1-6, 7-20, 21-40, etc.) and level of Project Failure cost (loss of Comfort, Discretionary money, Essential money, or Life). (There's another dimension based on whether the project is prioritized on Time To Market, cost reduction, exploration, or legal liability: but I'm not clear on how relevant that is.) In general, Crystal Clear covers the size=6 (Two-Pizza Team) plane (leaving out Essential-money situations since he finds that combination of dimensions unworkable), Crystal Yellow the 20, Crystal Orange the 40, and Crystal Red the 80. His book Agile Software Development documents Crystal Clear, Crystal Orange (with reference to the "Winifred" project documents in his earlier Surviving Object Oriented Projects book), and Crystal Orange Web.

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