Al Gore

Vice President of the USA under Bill Clinton

Husband Tipper Gore

family money from Tobacco Farming and Lobbying for Occidental Petroleum

the Robert McNamara of the Baby Boomer-s?

comments from others

GREAT JOB - GREAT SPEACH --2004/01/16 00:14 GMT
I heard about your speach in New York today. It is the greatest!! How do we get rid of the lying Bush - can we call him the burning bush?????

2004/02/10 16:00 GMT
Al Gore, You have to be the dumbest person alive for the comments you made about George Bush. If you and your sex starved president would have done your job during the eight years that you assumed the office of the White House,we would have not had 9/11 and Iraq. You went to Kosovo on a lot less and we are still there. You guys screwed up the intelligent service of the USA and Bush used the same intelligents that you guys had. Why don't you go stick your head in the sand somewhere since you seemed to be out of touch with what has happened in this country. Also thanks for the great economy you left Mr. Bush. You two left us with a recession not George W. Bush.

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