Anthony Alvarado

Anthony Alvarado

Was head of NYC District 2 for over 10 years (87-97?).

Before that had been Superintendent of District 4 (Harlem). Here's Atlantic article about school choice from then. Forced out by "personal financial scandal" (1 2 ).

Pushed out non-performing principals and teachers (where did they go?).

Focused heavily on professional development: mentoring, consultants, etc. Strategies for fixing failing public schools says this became 6% of the total district budget! (Maybe a typo? A Chicago article quotes it as 3%.)

Left NYC to become "chancellor of instruction" for San Diego in Jun98. Interesting structure partnered with "CEO" Alan Bersin, who seems to have been focused more on being Mr Outside. Alvarado found some money for professional development by firing lots of school aids ("paraprofessionals").

His push for literacy has reduced funding for music and taken kids out of electives so they could spend more hours in remedial reading classes .

Interesting idea to have softer Physics course available, and requiring all freshman to take it .

Related: Deborah Meier chapters (principal under Alvarado)

What's what with Alvrado now. Is he still working for SD Unified School District? N Mann

Is this the same Anthony Alvarado who was married to Ellen Kirshbaum?

2003/11/30 21:47 GMT
Right on all fronts-only difference is that Alvarado got along with the NYC teachers Labor Union and, although not as well-he doesn't believe in assistant principals-the supervisors union. Is he close to LucyCaulkins: Teachers College literacy/coach guru?

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