The Center of This Universe. Get used to it.

Hugh MacLeod notes God created the world. Inspired by His example, Man created New York.

Picking a Neighborhood:

Zed Shaw intro to the local Culture/customs.

Big challenges for living here: Nyc Challenges

Who represents us in the US Congress

In the US Senate (representing New YorkState):

In the House Of Representatives:

Grants, etc. for new/small businesses

  • Liberty Zone
  • Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
  • Digital NYC
  • city's Commercial Expansion Plan

The Statue Of Liberty was erected in 1886.

The Chrysler Building was completed in 1930.

The Empire State Building was erected in 1930-31. The original King Kong movie was filmed in 1933.

The World Trade Center was constructed 1966-77.

Celebrity Sighting - not counting attending chichi events (which I don't do anyway), nor Live Performance

see 11 hotels under $200/night recommendations - when it's back up i need to check out

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