Attractive Charities

Meta: Less Wrong essay

The Motley Fool has a Foolanthropy page: actually it seems to have changed focus over the years...

Spirit Of America? focusing on trying to compensate for the War On Iraq. A losing battle?

Robin Hanson points to TrickleUp. MicroLending

How something domestic/urban? TrickleUp has US operations, even in NYC.

Internet/Freedom Public Policy: ACLU, EFF, Fight For The Future, etc.

And, as we think of these things most often during the holiday season, here's H L Mencken's Bums' Christmas story.

Nov'2004 - gave some money to Heifer, even though their heavy Celebrity-driven promo (a) makes me ill, and (b) makes me feel like they don't need my money.

Kiva MicroLending?

David Brin's call to action and list of his favorites.

attempts to measure fiscal efficiency of groups - some people tell me this approach is horribly flawed

The worst 50 charities, based on % of moneys going just to fundraising: lots of cancer, children, and firefighters/police/veterans.

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