Feature where, as a user types, Real Time lookups are performed against some dictionary, feeding back possible match-words from which the user can pick to complete the typing of the word without pressing any more keys.

Typically used for contact-match in EMail apps.

First popularized (on the web) in Tagsonomy apps like

Used in Google search.

Would be nice to have in a Wiki.

[[JQuery apps for Web Browser

Server-side: return JSON (pref using WebPy or Flask)

== Pondering building one into a WikiEngine ==

Apr07'2015: Going to do it with my Flask For Wiki Engine work.

Going to try for doing it right in the Text Area, triggered by but deleting those chars after doing match.

Going to do query against my [[WikiGraph server. Which means the back-end is actually WebPy, not Flask.

Going to do search against pagenames in my WikiLog. Alternatives:

Make the back-end handler first, responding to http://localhost:8081/nodesearch/Wik (to search for nodes starting with wik)

Then start trying to work with the yuku JavaScript code.

  • having real problems, not sure whether it's the JavaScript or the way Flask is calling it.
  • May13: so copy those bits over inside the folder where I run PikiPiki, make an autocomplete subfolder.

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