Brand You

idea of taking control of your own reputation/Branding as a Free Agent.

started with Tom Peters Fast Company article in 1997.

Personal Branding

Jun2004 Tom Peters article includes Mastery - Competence in many skills is important, but it's not enough. The act is finding the stuff you love and getting so damn good at it that you become an indispensable human being.

Venkatesh Rao claims: You are your presence in the world. Your presence and impact on the world are a function of the space of projected perceptions within which you can, and should, consciously manage your movement. The real you is not on the inside, it is on the surface. Personal brand management is not, as a Businessweek cover story recently proclaimed it to be, the idea that everybody should become an obnoxious, self-aggrandizing blogger, with a tasteless LinkedIn profile (allow me my little joke here). It is the shift from a culture of self-discovery, to a culture of self-invention.

David Perell: Personal Monopoly - (2019-04-12) Perell The Ultimate Guide To Writing Online

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