Bruce Sterling

SciFi author, of the CyberPunk variety. (Ooh I bet he hates that label by now.)


Founder of the Viridian Design movement.

A bit nasty about people hoping to treat online life as a TAZ

In Zeitgeist ISBN:0553576410 Leggy Starlitz says If I had to pick just one term, I think I'm best described as a "Systems Analyst" (Systems Thinking). (It's weird reading in 2003 a book that talks a lot about Turkey and Culture War but was written in 1999...) (it's even weirder having the Cyprus wall come down (byline: Christopher Hitchens) the week after I read it)

  • 2003-04-22-FlySystemsManager
  • in related interview "Societies still have a future," says the reformed futurist. "That's very obvious, but they've rejected consensus myths of The Future. The Future is discredited; no one dares to declare that their dreams will surely come true. To declare that the Forces of History favor you is seen as 'ideological,' 'fanatical,' 'imperialistic,' 'phallocentric,' 'anti-market,' 'deterministic,' 'statist,' 'arrogant.' Pick your dismissal."

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