Christopher Hitchens

Hater of Mother Teresa, Henry Kissinger, and many others.

Dec16'2011: dead from cancer.

Here's an article re the World Trade Center (Dealing With Terrorism) that went missing from the Independent - luckily a friend sent me the body.

  • update: found it [here]( Article.asp?ID=2870) so I'll probably purge it from this page at some point.... In several of his demented sermons to his followers, in the days before he achieved global notoriety, Osama Bin Laden made them a sort of promise. Defeating the Red Army in Afghanistan and bringing down the Soviet Union, he said, had been the hard part. The easypart.... I am not particularly a war-lover and, on the occasions when I have seen warfare as a travelling writer, have tended to shudder. But here was a direct, unmistakable confrontation between everything I loved and everything I hated. On one side, the ethics of the multicultural, the secular, the sceptical and the cosmopolitan. (Those are the ones I love, by the way.) On the other, the arid monochrome of dull and vicious theocratic Fascism. I am prepared for this war to continue for a very long time. I will never become tired of waging it, because it is a fight over essentials.

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