Buster Benson

Product Manager, OneManShow. Sept'2019 left Patreon to try new path (2018-09-11-BensonBigScaryandExcitingNews) (750 Words). Previously Slack.com, Twitter, Amazon.

current name of person who used to be named Erik Benson :)


Benson Codex Vitae

started Robot Co Op which created 43Things

May'2009: leaving and starting Enjoyment Land: To begin, I'll be working on Locavore -- making it more social, expanding into different kinds of food other than fruits and vegetables, and also expanding to other countries outside of the US. I'll also be working on several other social iPhone apps that are focused on making life more enjoyable. They will often have in common the fact that they encourage sharing, communicating, building relationships with friends and family, and becoming more aware of the life you are living.

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