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Charlie O Donnell on the risk of juggling Product Manager responsibilities with everything else necessary as a Start Up Entrepreneur. I have the occasional brilliant product insight--usually mixed in with a whole bunch of horrific ones--but that doesn't mean I'm skilled at the discipline of product management. I was the founder who spent Tuesday afternoons and my rare spare time thinking about product in the midst of 80 other things I had to do and didn't realize how harmful I was to that process. It's not that I wasn't smart or didn't have good vision. Product is a fulltime job and a craft people train hard for to be good at.

on non-technical Program Manager-s.

I got together with some of my peers to discuss the characteristics of a PM. We're a technical bunch, so it took us just 30 seconds to reach a conclusion: PMs have but two configuration variables from which all interactions with them (APIs?) derive: Has technical skills = (True/False); Knows what he wants = (True/False).

So, like all Magic Quadrant-s, this one has two axes. The horizontal axis represents level of knowledge of the Product Manager. This is a combination of the PMs ability to understand market problems, customer needs, technology trends, and of course, their own product at a reasonable level of detail... The vertical axis represents the ability of the Product Manager to effectively work across teams.


How Nitin Julka got a Start Up Product Manager job.

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