PhilJones 2021 WikiEngine: PhilJones:CardiganBay

CardiganBay motivations

Be the engine to manage and maintain my long-running, publicly facing, and somewhat in need of cleaning up ThoughtStorms Wiki.

Be the engine to run my own private notebook of ideas. Replacing my long defunct SdiDesk and more recent OutlinerWithWikiLinking


And a viable citizen in an internet of the 2020s, in a world dominated by social media etc.

  • Support embedding to and from other social media.
  • But nevertheless help to promote other open / free standards
  • And collaboration with other wikis

Run on servers, local desktop machines, and mobile devices like tablets and phones.

Host executable code, making it an active notebook similar to Jupyter Notebook etc.

Design decisions

A classic wiki with named pages (Page Name As URL)

Pages are made from a sequence of "cards". Each card has an explicit type. By default, Markdown, but other types for other media or data which are rendered (or even editable) differently. (CardDeck)

Technical Decisions

The wiki is a Single Page App written in Clojure / ClojureScript. It uses Reagent (the ClojureScript wrapper for React) as its client-side framework.

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