Cedric Chin

product manager, expertise researcher



About Commonplace

Commonplace is about my journey to build career moats in my life

My biggest fear is that a technological change renders my current skills useless.

This blog is about the thinking necessary to prevent that from happening. Unlike other blogs in this genre, it is written from the practitioner's point of view.

I will write with the appropriate level of epistemic humility, and I will cite with an appropriate level of epistemic rigour

Commoncog is an idea bookmarking service for busy professionals. I suppose you can call it an Instapaper or Pocket alternative. My problem with both is that I tend to forget what I read when I'm using either app — and I read for career reasons, which makes it important to remember what I've read. Commoncog is a solution to this problem: it forces me to read actively, and then it calculates when I'm likely to forget my takeaways so it can return them to me right before I do so

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