An outline, shared in Real Time by 2 (or more) people over the net, where row-locking allows all people to update simultaneously (though they don't have to, it can be asynch). With the results saved as Structured Text in a Wiki page.

See Wiki And Outlining.

Will Radio Userland's Instant Outlining get here?

This could approach IBIS, a Group Discussion process that might escape the rule of Summarizing Is Necessary.

You'd need to be passing around changes to the outline as transactions (via Jabber?), rather than passing the outlines (e.g. OPML) themselves. I think Groove works this way. I think that means you'd need to "extend" OPML to have an ID for each node in an outline.

Analogy: crossing QuickTopic (adhoc private shared space) with UseNet (hierarchical discussion) with Wiki (can repeatedly edit earlier material, scope is a single hopefully-coherent document) (document/thread lives within a larger space)...

InfoDepot, in its beta-that-never-got-released Windows version, supported a feature like this. But over a LAN, not the net. And there was no macro-environment for a document to live within. It treated each node as an objects, locked and broadcast at that level.

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