Company Fuckers

A content site inspired by FuckedCompany.

Companies are often destroyed by specific individuals (or groups thereof). They usually get paid best when things implode, then move on to the next victim/host. I call such individuals Company Fuckers.

I'd love to build a site for tracking these people, in hopes of making it harder for them to get their next post. The key constraints are:

  • making the site "fair": slagging someone is fine as long as the opinion posted is reasonably well-informed (first-hand, preferably) and congruent (rational, not based on defensiveness of vindictiveness, etc.).

  • avoiding getting sued for slander/libel...

    • Varian Medical Systems Vs Delfino

      • [article from during the suit]( Logic+FTContentServer?pagename=law/View&c=Article&cid=ZZZBSEH1PTC&live=true&cst=1&pc=0&pa=0)

      • The company won $775k against 2 ex-employees, who admitted doing the posting.

      • the postings were on Yahoo message boards (the finance boards relevant to the public company). Yahoo was never a party in the suit.

    • EFF legal guide for bloggers has a section on defamation which references the Vogel Vs Felice trial

  • Might be impossible to get posts without Anonymity, but that just increases risk of abuse.

This is basically a big Reputation Management issue.

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