Reputation Management

General problem of tracking an entity's reputation (credibility). Based on a Trust Metric.

Page Rank is an example. Likewise EBay ratings of buyers/sellers.

Reputation Graph

Product Review

Transparent Society issue: is metric "valid"? How can it be gamed? Is metric holder honest about how much it's being gamed (e.g. AdWords Click Fraud)?

Related: Information Markets, Credibility Crises

Some notes from the Earth Web Book

See MeatballWiki:ImportanceOfIdentityInOnlineCommunities, although the context there is more focused on a community, meaning information is about/by members, whereas Company Fuckers has a messier time, because information is about typically external 3rd parties (who may have no publicly known Digital Identity!).

Paul Snively (2002) notes some projects

Things (2011) to consider when designing one.

Annotation Systems seem potentially useful.

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