Converting PrivateWiki From Piki To Wikiflux

Converting PrivateWiki content from PikiPiki To WikiFlux, after coding WikiFlux For PrivateWiki. Similar to Converting Moinmoin Text To Markdown.


  • finally got script running enough to generate list
  • but dates are all today
  • test os.stat() file info - mtime and ctime are now! What about atime? Blech that's "access".
  • derp, I was repeatedly getting stat on the directory not the file!
  • when I have a BlogBit file, do I want to set mtime=ctime, if file mtime is on the mass-date? Yep
  • also set al Category* pages' ctime to old

Feb12: looking at

Feb18 - realize part of script generates page_names.txt so do that, and figure sure go edit the entries (~3900 of them)


  • do I need graph file? Try generating that isn't working. Decide that's probably only used for generating "orphan" pages to clean up in the SmashedTogetherWords replace prettification, so skip it
  • so onward to trying convert_moin_to_mark(file) function
  • failing at parsing file in files_title_gen()
  • ah, delimiter is , and had inserted one in a pretty-title
  • now converted 1 test file - omg failed if WikiWord is within parens! I must have handled that case in the MoinMoin conversion!
    • see I had issue with "get an extra space" but not a complete fail!
    • might do hack and mass-insert spaces inside parens, then mass-remove later? Trying that.
  • still skipping those. Omg what if it's because they're orphans! Yes that was it. Unclear why I was skipping those, so changing code to go ahead and convert them.
  • ok ran all. Got reasonable results. Except for links with SmashedTogetherWords in them
    • most are to WikiLog - so mess is at end. Can probably fix those pretty well with regex
    • what about others? Can probably do those in the same regex if careful.
  • also have issue with nested wikiwords, but had that issue in WikiLog conversion too... should look for quad-square-bracket case, but that's different
  • think I got lots of stuff, though still messes where there are all-caps phrases pasted from other sources - will just deal with those as I find them
  • ran auto-post (after forking code) - worked!
  • but most-recent update-date was Feb05 (Cornell Graduation) - so have to merge in more-recent changes
  • re-process more-recent pages. Have to do all the BlogBit pages by hand, not sure why.

Mar07 get around to re-generating full WikiGraph. Realize the JavaScript widget returns the wikilog path.

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