Dagmar Series

series of books by Walter Jon Williams -

This Is Not A Game ISBN:9780316003162

  • Dagmar is trapped in Indonesia during coup/riots; players from her ARG help her get out of the country
  • back in the US, 2 of her friends are murdered, and she uses the players to save herself and turn the tables on the killer (and kill the daemons attacking the worlds' currencies, which was the cause of the Indonesia rioting)

Deep State ISBN:0316098043

  • she runs an ARG to promote a movie in Turkey, then gets paid to use another ARG to bring down the regime

Fourth Wall ISBN:0316133396

  • narrator/protagonist is an actor in an "augmented reality movie" that Dagmar is creating (it sounds like there may be some ARG stuff happening also, but the protagonist doesn't pay any attention to that)
  • it turns out to be part of a globalist plot to improve the world through surveillance

Diamonds from Tequila ASIN:B0761HCWJ5 (really story/novella)

  • same protagonist as previous book
  • but story has nothing to do with Dagmar or ARGs

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