Dana Colley

Baritone Sax player.


Co-founded Morphine 1990 with bassist/vocalist Mark Sandman, adding drummer Jerome Dupree

Following Sandman's death, Colley, Conway and Dupree assembled a nine-piece band they dubbed Orchestra Morphine to tour behind their posthumous final album, The Night. Orchestra Morphine remained sporadically active thereafter, reassembling occasionally to perform Morphine material.

Musical chemistry between Colley, Conway and Orchestra Morphine member Laurie Sargent (a Boston mainstay and former member of Face to Face) led the trio to start their own group, Twine Men,[2] a name they took from a comic drawn by Sandman. Formed in 2001, Twinemen have since released three full-length studio albums and toured extensively. Continuing a tradition he had begun in Morphine, Colley provided woodblock print artwork for the band's records.[3] Colley, Conway and Sargent were also instrumental in re-opening the Hi-n-Dry studio and record label, Sandman's former workspace and imprint.

In 2006, Colley co-founded AKACOD with bassist/songwriter Monique Ortiz of Bourbon Princess (where Russ Gershon (co-founder Either Orchestra) play Baritone Sax) and drummer Larry Dersch. Considering themselves a low rock band in the tradition of Morphine,[4] the band released their debut Happiness album in 2007.

Colley and Dupree began playing with New Orleans transplant Jeremy Lyons as Members Of Morphine in 2009. This trio performs classic Morphine songs alongside of new material, and played the ten-year anniversary of Sandman's death at the festival at which it occurred, the Nel Nome Del Rock Festival in Palestrina, Italy, on July 3, 2009.[5]

  • Members of Morphine & Jeremy Lyons is a power trio that abstains from the rock-god cliché through a lineup of two-string bass (Jeremy Lyons), baritone sax (Dana Colley), and drums (Jerome Deupree). Dana runs his bari sax through all kinds of guitar-like electronics and references Rahsaan Roland Kirk with his circular-breathing and blowing two saxes at once. Jeremy adds the smoldering heat of the Delta blues honed during his decade-plus of playing the streets and clubs of New Orleans. Dana and Jerome, the surviving members of Morphine, update and push beyond the legacy of that ’90s underground favorite.
  • playing in Aug'2011

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