Baritone Sax

Enjoyed playing it a lot in High School, except in marching band (which I was drafted into), and also carrying the bloody thing home for over a mile.

Would love to buy a new one, but costs $2500+, which is a big commitment. Plus if I return to civilization (NYC), my neighbors wouldn't put up with it.

It's tempting to buy a digital sampler and Midi Wind Controller, since

  • could play/learn other instruments as well (have wanted to learn keyboards, just call me Professor Shorthair)
  • kids could use it to learn keyboards
  • could practice with headphones late at night without waking anyone up
  • but probably not quite the same feel (physical satisfaction and aural realism) of the true big monster
  • update: I finally (2010-12-25) Bought Ewi Usb but could never get it to work right, finally threw it out

Would need to find a group to play with, since playing alone is too boring.

  • New School has ensembles, $500/semester, and they haven't been run the last semester or 2 due to lack of demand...

Good BariSax music:

Good players in bigger Horn Section:

(For these last 2 cases, I'm making the Neologism TenorWashing to apply when you can hear a Baritone Sax but only see a tenor (or alto).)

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