Digital Garden Standards

Should Digital Gardens follow any Standards?

See related Wiki Standards. Context: increasing connections/discovery across writers/spaces: Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts. Bias: Worse Is Better

  • other people desire interop between tools

Page Content As Scrapable HTML - not Javascript!

PageName As URL: for TwinPages

RSS/Atom Feed, or SiteList.txt

Maybe: in-space links use rel="tag"? See (2005-07-26) Marks Decentralized Tagsonomy - I'm interested in the idea of being able to share graphs without everyone having to scrape/parse each others' full content.

  • related: if your page names tend be long (e.g. claims like "Wiki Beats Weblog"), have links to underlying simpler object/page-names, e.g. "Note-writing practices are generallly ineffective" page should link to Note-writing which has URL /NoteWriting (or /notewriting)

I made a custom Google Search index of Digital Gardens...

FluxGarden is built to support the above.

if you want to stray into editor-interop, perhaps

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