Twin Pages

Twin Pages: for the current page, show which Sister Sites have a page with the same Wiki Name

If I've added your site to my set of SisterSites, then you can include this JavaScript bit in your Digital Garden pages, and you should see TwinPages too:

<div id="twin_pages" style="border:1px; vertical-align:top; horizontal-align:center">
<script src="" referrerpolicy="unsafe-url"></script>
<noscript>Please enable JavaScript to view the TwinPages</noscript></div>

Note this widget might not appear in your browser if you have default/high-privacy settings on Safari, or an ad-blocker running, because the widget comes from a different domain.

If you wanna be tricky, you could write server-side code that does an http-get from the URL in the widget, passing along a Referer of the page on your site you're rendering.

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