E Commerce

includes both online retail transactions and "B2B" activities, I suppose

Could be Big Retail (Amazon, gap.com) or Small Retail

  • For Small Retail it's hard to provide a unique offering by aggregating products designed and built by other people - think Independent Book Store.
    • On the other hand, for Small Retail selling your own product, it's a great new distribution opportunity.


The dividing line between ecommerce 1.0 and 2.0 runs right down the middle in between Zappos and Gilt Groupe... As OneKingsLane’s Doug Mack explains, Zappos was still very 1.0. In other words, it was mostly about logistics. Gilt, on the other hand, was about inspiration. It was about generating demand rather than fulfilling demand.

Some Open Source Shopping Cart systems.

Most people pay by Credit Card, though DigiCash alternatives are interesting.

Mobile device importance

Subscription payment handling for WebApp memberships

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