East Village

A suburb of Greenwich Village in NYC.

Some old notes about one piece of the neighborhood. http://webseitz.editthispage.com/discuss/msgReader$194

NYC City Council District 2

Community Board 3 http://www.nyc.gov/html/mancb3/html/home/home.shtml

New York State

East Village Restaurants

Notary Public (boy these are hard to find these days)

  • if you know a lawyer, ask them

  • Fed Ex/KinKo's: despite Union Square location showing up in Google, when you call they say you need to go to location at 24thSt/7thAve

  • Back Office Nyc: has moved to 22ndSt/2ndAve

  • I've gone to KDM Hardware (26th/6th) in the past, but don't know if they still do this

Martial Art-s for kids (c. 2006)

NYJDK TKD 4thSt/Bowery http://www.nyjdk.com/school.php kids M/Th 4:30-5:30

Fabio Clemente Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 98 3rdAve/11thSt http://www.newyorkjj.com/ - has kids class only Sat 9:30

USA Shao Lin Temple 678Bway/3rd St http://www.usashaolintemple.com/ kids Kung Fu M-F 4-5

NY Jiu Jitsu Broadway/Houston (enter on Bond St) http://nyjiujitsu.com/CP-ClassSchedules.htm really split up kids tightly by age, could be an issue

Taoist Arts Center 9thSt/2ndAve Tai Chi

Aikido Greenwich Village Wavery Pl/Greene

Oyama Karate part of SFMAI moved to 4 W18th St. http://www.sfmai.org

Peridance is now at 19th/Broadway. The person I spoke to knew nothing about them ever having TKD. The did used to have a Tai Chi class, but don't anymore.

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