Educational Technology

technology for Network Of Learning

could be for independent self-driven learning, or could be supporting traditional institutional instruction

Nice timeline of Internet-driven tools

Edu Web has pieces on history, art, math, Engineering, Economics, etc. (Exposing Young Kids To Science)

Oct'2005 - issues with pushing Lap Top-s into schools.

In 2008 the EduPunk meme launched/spread as a reaction to the closed/inflexible nature of LMS tools like BlackBoard and business-tools like MsPowerpoint. There were 3 alternative approaches that moved forward:

  • encouragement of new Start Up systems focused on education (though many of the EduPunk folks are anti-FreeMarket, not surprising since they are usually employed by established colleges and Public School-s) - but there are a variety of dangers in the long term
  • taking advantage of free consumer ASP services like Blogger, YouTube, - this is most likely to be the Emergent approach because individual teachers can't do much else
  • Open Education - development of, or education-customization of, Open Source tools

I think the most basic tools for the student to have/own/use are:

School Computing wiki is a guide to various technologies.

list of related blogs.

see: LMS, Personal Learning Environment, Virtual Learning, Open Education, MOOC, Teaching/Learning Platform...

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