Personal Learning Environment

Student-centered counter to LMS. Treats the student as the primary actor/creator, rather than as a Consumer of materials.

Not tied to a specific institution, but stays with the student over time - Lifelong Learning tool - an even when/while a formal student, allows unofficial thoughts/interests/stuff to be kept in there too.

Dec'2011: article on reality of PLE being assembled by a variety of tools. But you need a hub that you control.

Oct'2010: Dave Cormier decided My PLE model is the internet – no more system for me... this summer I looked back at the 2008 course site i was still managing and said NO! I’m NOT doing it again. Everytime i throw away a system, a webpage, a moodle course or something like that I’m breaking up a community (even though the students have likely long left) that I tried to make my students believe was important to build. I’m breaking connections that others may have to my students work… The whole thing works against my philosophy. So i don’t do it anymore... In the course I taught this summer, I had the students go out into the wild with their work. I asked them to set up a blog on I asked them to get a twitter account. I told them that they would need to keep track of each and everything that they wanted me to evaluate and put it in a googledoc.

Dec'2006 Ron Lubensky

Stephen Downes on the Network Of Learning (Oct'2006) (aggregating granular Learning Object-s) via Educational Technology.

P Learn - Stephen Downes project - The idea, as described in prototypes created by Britain’s CETIS (‘Plex’) and Canada’s NRC (GRssHopper), is to create a common environment in which a learner may aggregate resources and services from a large number of distinct providers, work with these materials to solve problems or create new resources, and then communicate these results to peer learners, instructors or mentors, evaluation and assessment agencies, or the public at large. The PLE will allow people to manage their own learning, and will function as the student’s personal educational record and online Portfolio. It will link into educational, business and employment networks.

  • Oct'2011: we were not allowed to release. Hmm, why?
    • that post links to The ROLE Project, supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, aims to build a framework that allows a learner to construct and maintain her own Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

See also PLN (Personal Learning Network) - 2010-09-13-Personal Learning Network - places even greater emphasis on clusters of students as a Learning Community - see Connectivism.

Steve Wheeler's anatomy and physiology of a PLE.

  • treats PLN as a subset/component of the PLE.

Would Student Wiki Web count?

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