Friend Of A Friend RDF repository

Reminds me of my Digital Identity directory idea...


Other than the who-knows-who part, how much extra value is here, beyond posting a VCard? - roughly 30 people have entries; ID=email address, maybe? (Actually, no, a user can associate himself with multiple addresses, but the idea is that an address is only used by a single user - how handle dirty/fraudulent data?)

RDFWeb: FOAF: |the 'friend of a friend' project XML Watch: Finding friends with XML and RDF plus follow-up discussing provenance, Web Of Trust issues, etc.

FOAFBot: IRC Community Support Agent

requires (?) publishing of data in XML/RDF format.

namespace (which can be extended)

FOAF-a-matic JavaScript app to help you make a FOAF file about yourself.

Proposal and reference links re use of names in FOAF - (interesting internationalization issues)

You can get your FOAF file spidered by adding a link to this page.

Is this the data actually used for Aaron Swartz's record in the directory? I don't think so...

See little bit of investigation on the Object Browser page.

EddDumbill how-to's --BillSeitz, 2003/07/20 11:39 GMT
are here

To control how you share data via FOAF, you probably want some sort of P2P app that hold all the data, starts out exposing a certain amount of data to anyone, then responding to requests for more data selectively, through both automated rules (e.g. SpamBayes, Social Networking) and real-time prompting of the data owner. OSAF/Jabber?

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